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EP1 spanish Sub is up

Journey to the west EP1 Spanish Sub

heres the link


it took 9 hours then froze up so another 9 hours to convert for some reason but now its up.lol

but big thanks to afro monkey for Translating our English Subs to Spanish Sub for ppl who want to see them.

and heres EP 1 English subbed again just to put them both in the same post.lol


take care


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heres the 1st 45 minute EP English subbed canto version.


my converter program is crazy sometimes i get file 600MB other littler file size with the same setings.lol

but ppl will be happy to know this video is 200MB 😉

we had alot of set backs alot were my fault so sorry, but its out enjoy get some popcorn and sit back or burn to dvd then have fun.

my three great Translators put in alot of work.

Flick, MissJade and Yuen thank you so much for all the work and Flick for keep fixing my timing mess ups:/

anyway after the wait its here so see you when we put out EP 2;)

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