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ok some ppl think we’ve given up and stop subbing this show.

i have wanted to sub this show for years and i’m not going to give up of that you can be sure.

but i’m of little help or use until theres a text doc in English on my pc:P

my Translators are great at what they do and i’m very happy with and proud of them for there selfless hard work they keep putting into this show!

but they have jobs and life’s to live so its slow going and the same is to be said for me as well, but i’ve seen a few ppl offer to help here and there.

so if you want to be a Translator and help carry some of this work load we will welcome you with open arms.lol

you can also help time and hard sub if you like i got no problem sharing my part nether.lol

as long as we get them EP’s out there;)

but please think it over first before you email me, it’s hard work and you will have to go over the text alot until its ready to be timed by me, and i hate it when someone offers to help and i never hear from them again:(

we’ve had alot of ppl do that too, say they’ll Translate and never hear from them again.

you can Translate from the canto,mand or viet just as long as we get english.lol

my email is supersaiyan39042@yahoo.com please put something about translating in the title because i get alot of spam:P

i hope to hear from you soon thank you for your time.


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