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No, don’t panic!

Although the title does call for some heart attacks. lolz

It’s been a VERY long time since we lastĀ  updated. For that, we apologise.

However, we are not dropping this project. It’s just thatĀ for the past year, many things have happened. Some have left us, some have come and go and some I do not know what is happening to them.

Anyways, that aside….

I just made a new homepage for this fansubbing project!

It’s at:


Why? It’s because it makes it easier for me to manage and I’m more familiar with livejournal than wordpress.

So head over there now and see what’s been happening to us. ^^ Be sure to drop a comment or two and tell us what you think!

Be sure to expect a release this week! (That I can guarantee ^^)


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