1st EP is done.

heres the 1st 45 minute EP English subbed canto version.


my converter program is crazy sometimes i get file 600MB other littler file size with the same setings.lol

but ppl will be happy to know this video is 200MB 😉

we had alot of set backs alot were my fault so sorry, but its out enjoy get some popcorn and sit back or burn to dvd then have fun.

my three great Translators put in alot of work.

Flick, MissJade and Yuen thank you so much for all the work and Flick for keep fixing my timing mess ups:/

anyway after the wait its here so see you when we put out EP 2;)


Thanks for everyone’s support so far! 🙂 We haven’t been too dormant (well, I have…sorry!) since the last ‘preview’ release of Episode 01, and I am happy to say some great progress has been towards the final release of Episode 01!

This is primarily due to new staff who have joined the SWK Fansub team, and I would like to take the opportunity to introduce the two new translators:

missJade and Yuen!

missJade has done the majority of the translation work so far, from the Vietnamese dubs of JTTW96, and despite this being the first fansub project she has undertaken, she has produced some of the best work I’ve really ever seen. One of the most amazing things is that this was all done in a very short space of time!

Yuen is our newest staff member, and is no stranger to JTTW (I’m talking about the *original* story here) She runs a website dedicated to the story as well as books, film and TV adaptations, and all sorts of other media relating to Journey to the West, which fans will most likely have bookmarked already (since it really is *the* ultimate resource) and has been endlessly helpful with translation and editing work.

Last but not least, we would also like to thank Darkplace for helping us out with the translation work of Episode 01. Unfortunately he won’t be able to continue translation work for the moment (due to an injury) but we would still like to wish him a speedy recovery! ^^

And thus you have the blurb about our new staff, so hope you can join us in giving them a huge welcome to our team! 🙂

i love it when we get to post a part of this cool show ppl like myself that after so many years get to understand it.

well heres the url

had to reupload it because the timing was off,but this new one looks even better imo.

thanks Flick for fixing my mess up^_^


i so proud of our wonderful translators without their greatness we’d be with out this great show.

so be sure to show your thanks to them.

First Post!

Welcome to the new website for Sun WuKong Fansubs!

The aim is to use this as a platform for announcing episode or partial episode releases, and listing some background information about the series, as well as providing information about the people working on the subtitling of Journey to the West 1996.